Weddings at Whiteley

Weddings at Whiteley Church

At Whiteley, we love to celebrate marriage and look to support and enable couples to plan and prepare for their life together as husband and wife.

A wedding is one of life’s great moments, based upon a solemn, public and life-long covenant between a man and a woman, declared and celebrated in the presence of God and before witnesses.  Marriage is intended to be a creative relationship that is life long where husband and wife grow together in love and trust and are united with one another in heart, body and mind.

Who can marry at Whiteley Church?

Legal Preliminaries

A couple have the right to be married in the parish church of a parish where one or both them are resident or entered on the church electoral roll, and have never been married before. Unfortunately, Whiteley is a Conventional District within the existing parishes of Sarisbury and Titchfield and for now we can not conduct wedding ceremonies. However, depending on where you live in Whiteley you may be eligible to marry at either St Paul’s Church Sarisbury Green or St Peter’s Church Titchfield.

To find out which parish you live in and to confirm where you are eligible to marry please contact

Banns of Marriage

This is a public announcement of your intended marriage.  The banns are ‘published’ by being read aloud during the service on three successive Sundays preceding the wedding ceremony.  The congregation is invited to register objections if they have any.  It is usual for the couple to be in attendance on at least one of the three occasions when the banns are read.

If one partner lives outside the parish boundaries, then banns also need to be read at his or her parish church. There is a cost involved (as set by the Church of England) in the reading of the Banns as well as for the Banns Certificate.

Marriage Preparation

During the months before your wedding you will be invited to meet with the member of Clergy who will be taking your wedding.   You will also be invited to attend a marriage preparation course run by churches together in Fareham – Love and Cherish.  The course is designed to help you build lasting foundations for a strong and healthy marriage and to give you an opportunity to think through various aspects of marriage with each other.

Helpful information for preparing for and planning your Church wedding can be found at

Please contact the Minister with your wedding inquiries.