Church Without Walls: Update!

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There are exciting plans afoot at Whiteley Church. With the opening of the new shops
and tidying of the church site comes the opportunity to develop a garden on the land. Not
yet having a church building, Whiteley has no dedicated quiet space where people can
go to sit and think, reflect or pray; so Whiteley Church is planning to create a quiet garden
or a ‘Church without Walls’. This is something we can give to the community and is a
positive way to use the church site until a church building can be started.

We envisage a garden where people can take a few moments away from the busyness of
their lives. There’ll be some simple planting, sheltered benches and a cross or other focus
for meditation, reflection or prayer. A clear sign and noticeboard will let you know what’s
going on in the church.

We’d love to involve the wider community of Whiteley in this project so if you have
gardening skills or would just like to get involved please do contact us through the website.