Church Without Walls

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Many will know that we own land up by Tesco and the new Whiteley shopping centre, designated for our own church building. Until we are able to progress a ‘building’ we are looking into developing this land as a ‘Church Without Walls’ – a reflective garden for the people of Whiteley to find a moment of peace amongst the hustle and bustle of our busy modern lives.

We are looking at this as a community project and would value feedback from the congregation and local groups who might like to become involved with developing this Church Without Walls.

Take a moment to reflect on the words below:

Come with me … to a quiet place (Mark 6:31)
by Tesco car park?

Because so many people were coming and going
New shops, new jobs, new hope
traffic, life, desire

that they did not even have time to eat
Grabbed a sandwich and a snatch of conversation

Did we tell you he’s here?

said to them
in the midst of the market place
in the supermarket aisle

‘Come with me by yourselves
just a a few steps, even only a few moments

to a quiet place
change your pace
adjust your focus
full your lungs and your heart with the breath of the garden

and get some rest.’

PJM Feb 2013