Changes to our weekly service pattern

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Over the past couple of years we have been trialing a change to the monthly structure of the services we offer at Whiteley Church.  At the end of 2018 we undertook a review of these changes and, taking on board comments from the congregation, have come up with a few final amendments.  As of January 2019 our monthly service patter looks as follows;

1st Sunday – Messy Church @ 4pm (usually at the Whiteley Community Centre, occasionally at Cornerstone Primary School)
2nd Sunday – Communion @ 1015am (Whiteley Community Centre)
3rd Sunday – Breakfast Church @ 10.15am (Whiteley Community Centre)
4th Sunday – Communion @ 10.15am (Whiteley Community Centre
5th Sunday (where applicable) – Outside the Box weekend – on these 5th Sunday weekends we will run a service or event that we hope will appeal or be useful to the community.  The day, venue and time are all changeable so they will be advertised in advance.  If you have any ideas for things you would like to see Whiteley Church do to help the community of Whiteley please get in contact as we’d love to hear your ideas.