Covid-19 and what this means for Whiteley Church

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As some of you may have heard on the news the Church of England has suspended public acts of worship for the time being (you can read the press release here).

Sadly this means that Whiteley Church will not be running any public acts of Worship at the Whitley Community Centre, or any other venue, for the foreseeable future and no groups will physically meeting in the week.

Our Facebook page will be where we keep in touch with people best during this time and so we urge you to like and follow us there to see our updates.  We also have an email distribution list for sending out notices and important information and if you would like to be included in this you just need to email to ask to be added.

Rev. Amy will share a short video service at the time of our usual Sunday service each week and we look forward to the challenge and opportunity to find new ways to engage with our church and the wider community.

Let’s keep in contact with each other and look after each other in this difficult time. Prayers and blessings.