Our Annual meeting of Parishioners and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held at 11am on Sunday 30th May 2020 via Zoom.  Please contact us at whiteleychurch@hotmail.com for the zoom link.

Any member of the local community can participate in the first of the meetings – the Annual Meeting of Parishioners.  The Annual Parochial Church Council meeting is for those on our electoral roll.

The agenda and reports pack can downloaded below.

If you need us to provide a printed version of these papers please let us know ASAP, and certainly by Wednesday 26th October so that this can be arranged.  Please email secretary@whiteleychurch.org.uk.

We very much hope to conclude the annual meeting as quickly as possible due to the constraints of holding this as a virtual meeting this year, so please could you ensure that you have read all the reports before the meeting and if you have any questions please have these ready (a copy emailed to Philippa and Vikki before the meeting would be very helpful if you are able to do so).


If anyone new would be willing to stand as churchwarden please know that Vikki and Jo would be very happy to support the new candidates through the responsibility of this role over the next year and beyond until they have found their feet.  Churchwarden_Nomination_Form

Deanery Synod

We still require completed Nomination Forms for Deanery Synod.

This is not onerous – there are a maximum of 3 Deanery Synod meetings to attend throughout the year at which you will listen to presentations on items of interest to the Deanery churches and take part in a few small group discussions which may help influence Deanery decisions – but there is never any homework.

These max. 3 meetings usually take place on a Tuesday evening in one of the Fareham Deanery churches. You would also then sit as a member of the Whiteley Church Council which meets around 6 times a year.

Church Council

We still require completed nomination forms to join church council.  Church council meets on average 6 times a year, and when able to meet physically we can be flexible on meeting location to accommodate anyone with childcare needs (currently we are meeting via Zoom because of the Coronavirus).

It is important to have as many people on council as possible especially who can represent certain sections of the community or our church groups to ensure that all viewpoints are considered when we discuss church matters etc.

It is not often that someone other than the vicar or chairperson, churchwarden, treasurer or a longer standing member of council ends up with a task to take away and act upon, so as a new member your value is in your opinions and discussion points that you can add to the conversations we need to have.


This is not a position for which a nomination form is required,  but we are in need of a new Secretary.

The secretary does not need to be nominated to Church Council if they do not wish to be a part of the council discussions/decision making etc.

The role of the Secretary is to:-
– attend church council meetings to take minutes (however if this is very problematic we are used to sharing out the taking of minutes between other church council members and could cope without)
– to act as a receiving box for incoming emails and post to then disseminate to the rest of council
– to maintain records of the minutes and important correspondence
– to work with the Vicar or chairperson to create the agendas for each meeting and to send these out to council members in advance
– to timely prepare the notices, collate reports and send out anything related to the Annual Meetings


Thank you to Rachel who has continued to take on the role of Treasurer for many years now and who, absent of anyone new willing to stand forward, is willing to continue in this role for another year again.

If anyone else were interested in the Treasurer role however please don’t be embarrassed to initiate a conversation with Philippa or Rachel.  We have even had people from outside of our church take care of our treasurer requirement in the past if you know of family members or friends who would like to find a volunteer role to support us.